Day of Caring for Older Adults in Chorkor

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Marking the 2021 Day of Action event, United Way Ghana, in partnership with the Manya Krobo Queenmothers' Association and Delcielo Optical Services, engaged 25 older adults in health and educational activities. Within a span of 4 hours, these older adults learnt how to use beads to make necklaces and bracelets plus learned the meaning of different beads and formations. They underwent full eye examinations, and sensitization on eye care. The beneficiaries were served lunch, given food packages that can last for at least two weeks, and two sets of beaded necklaces and bracelets to take home.  Out of the 25, 12 got their eyes examined, 5 received eye drops, 3 received reading lenses, and another 3 bifocal lenses.


Beyond the support we gave to these individuals, we also demonstrated the power of Living United by engaging them in fun activities like singing and dancing.  We gave them the opportunity to share the history of their community with us.  Feedback we received indicated how that day will be a memory they will cherish and retain for a very long time.


This year's Day of Action program focused on supporting older adults who have not been properly cared for by their families as a result of financial constraints related to the pandemic.


The Chief of Chorkor, Nii Kwao Tettey, said Blessings to all who contributed to touching the lives of the aged in my community and providing them with food packages. Most have never visited the clinic or hospital to get their eyes checked but through this Day of Action, they have visited the optometrist, received their lenses and eye drops.

Madam Abiba Yarley Yartey, who is 76 years old, stated, I am very grateful to United Way for the support. Being a beneficiary of the Day of Action event and receiving food items that can last for a month has removed the burden of struggling to feed my physically and mentally challenged children for a while. 


Madam Charlotte, another of the beneficiaries said, My eyes were in great pain but since I could not pay for the treatment, I had to endure the pain. I thank God for bringing United Way Ghana to my aid. Thank you, United Way Ghana.

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