Live United

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of taking care of each other and United Way’s mission: to galvanize the caring power of communities. Fuelled by the generosity from companies and individuals, United Way Ghana raised and put back into communities GHS 2,006,366.51 for COVID-19 response and recovery. That helped more than 100,000 people stay safely in their homes, feed their families, access learning engagements, and more. But our work is not over.

The pandemic forced businesses in Ghana to reduce wages of over 77,000 workers, and caused about 42,000 layoffs. Educators and parents worry about learning loss, especially children from low-income families. United Way Ghana is still fielding record requests for help in making quality education accessible in underserved schools, improving the financial stability of affected individuals, and empowering the youth to excel. Rebuilding isn’t a matter of going back to where we were. It’s reimagining how we can be better and building towards that -- together. That’s why United Way Ghana together with other United Ways is working to help communities we serve across 40 countries come back stronger, as more equitable places where everyone can thrive. With your support, we can help every person have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Strong communities need a strong United Way. Now more than ever, we need to LIVE UNITED.


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2. USSD CODE (*718*25*708#)


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