United Way Ghana builds the capacity of volunteers in preparation of literacy program

The backbone of all the great work United Way Ghana has done can be attributed to the enormous support from corporate and individual volunteers. These volunteers serve United Way Ghana beneficiaries to ensure that impact is made and sustained in the areas of education, financial stability and health in underserved communities in Ghana.

United Way Ghana in the month of February 2019 trained 24 of its key volunteers on how to conduct successful baseline assessments, engage children in literacy activities and how to measure project impact purposely for the Nyansapo Literacy project to improve childhood literacy. The volunteers were also equipped with resources to support United Way Ghana’s numerous projects which include the girl empowerment, scholarship, adult literacy, community sensitization and literacy projects.

The trained volunteers, mostly from Universities and community based organizations, were coached by our volunteer resource person to assess and instruct the beneficiaries in literacy. The volunteer resource person is a Cambridge and Oxford trained teacher who has been in the teaching profession for a cumulative 12 years and a UNDP/Impact Hub Accelerator 2030 National Finalist. He trained the volunteers to assess the fluency of children from primary 1 to primary 6 in a three-day workshop. The third day of the training involved a mock assessment to present them with solutions to various scenarios that may crop up on the day of the actual assessment. He trained the individual and teacher volunteers on how to engage the children in literacy activities which involve teaching children on how to pronounce phonemes and decoding familiar and unfamiliar words.

With the exposure from the trainer, these volunteers have received the necessary skills to assess and improve the literacy level and the reading culture of children, plan and execute lessons and manage different learning abilities.

Mary Anne, one of the trained volunteers said, “This training has given me a new understanding of what it means to be literate and has given me a renewed respect for teachers everywhere”. The class teacher of Primary 3 mentioned that she’s impressed by the exhaustive assessments being carried out. “Now, I can tell where my pupils fall short and hence equip them to do better in their academics”. The head teacher upon observing the assessment process said, “I am excited by the number of young people who have come to give back to their community. This is sure to encourage the children to take their lessons more seriously”.

Girls closet launched to promote menstrual health

Girls closet launched to promote menstrual health

The Nyansapo Literacy project is funded by American Chamber of Commerce Ghana with the aim of improving childhood literacy in Ghana. This exercise by United Way Ghana supports in the achievement of the 4th Sustainable Development Goals, which aims to provide equal access to affordable quality education