It is rare to have a school or community go out of their way to express their gratitude for gifts received from not-for profits. This is not the case with Maamobi West. For over ten years, United Way Ghana’s relationship with DarulHidjra Islamic School has grown beyond the school to the entire community in Maamobi West. The community has embraced us and accepted us as one of their own. They do not take for granted our presence and support, which is a refreshing change for anyone who works in the non-profit sector.

Last year, in partnership with Clifton Homes, a real estate and construction company, we facilitated the construction of an 8-unit toilet facility for the school. For the first time since it was founded over 20 years ago, young learners and teachers could attend classes without any inconveniences. The gratitude we received was overwhelming from the community leaders, teachers and young learners.

A few months later, John Deere Financials in the United States approached us, with the intention of donating literacy kits containing stationery and reading books to the young learners in the school. It was a sight to behold when the school stepped up and welcomed us so warmly. “It was very nice to see the interest of the teachers during the entire engagement. The children too were very excited, you do not see that often in children these days”, commented Bernice Abbey, a volunteer with United Way Ghana.

As the COVID-19 hit the shores of Ghana, numerous people in Ghana have been adversely affected. Those most affected are the vulnerable in underserved communities, and some of these communities are United Way Ghana beneficiary communities. It was only natural that when the Maamobi West community called for help, United Way Ghana rallied resources to support.

We reached out to the Ghana Islamic Society of Education and Reformation and they were too happy to provide us with food packages containing sardines, rice, oil, milk, soap, beans and tea. In any typical household within the community, these items will go a long way to keep the children from going to bed hungry. The aged and disabled beneficiaries expressed their profound gratitude as they were presented with their packages. “I am very relieved to receive these items, I did not know how I was going to make it through the coming weeks. Thank you very much”, commented HajiaZeinab after being presented with the food package.

Robert Mills, Project officer of United Way Ghana commented after the distribution, “When we presented them with the care boxes their faces lit up. During these challenging times it has been very fulfilling to support the vulnerable.”

Alhaji Abu, the former Assemblyman of Maamobi West expressed his profound gratitude to United Way Ghana and Ghana Islamic Society of Education and Reformation. “On behalf of the community and those who received this I say a big thank you to these two NGOs, your willingness to support us during these challenging times has touched our hearts. We are very grateful”, Alhaji Abu commented.

Through our COVID-19 Response Initiative, we seek to support many underserved communities like Mamobi West. Join us so we can reach more vulnerable and underserved communities together. During these uncertain times, lending a helping hand is one of the best ways to make a positive impact. Give. Advocate. Volunteer.