Back to school fair 2018

Accra, Ghana - September 4, 2018 - United Way Ghana is set to earmark this year’s World Literacy Day with a Back to School and Literacy Fair. Under the global theme ‘Literacy & Skills Development’, United Way Ghana and its partners will engage children, parents and teachers from Ayawaso East at the Kawukudi Park, Nima on Saturday, September 8.

This event builds on United Way Ghana’s overarching Improving Basic Education (IBE) programme, which engages hundreds of pupils in the lower and upper basic levels in key educational initiatives including literacy activities and scholarships.

This year’s event will see pupils taking part in reading clinics, digital literacy and arts and crafts training. There will also be a seminar for the parents and teachers facilitated by Eneza Education and Special Attention Project to empower them to take charge of their children’s education. As part of the fair, EPP Books will also be present to sell their books at a discount price, as well as local vendors selling school items within the Ayawaso District.

With support from the Moslem Family Counselling Service, United Way Ghana volunteers will rally the youth in the community to take their studies seriously and expose them to resources for their personal development.

The Back To School and literacy Fair is supported by Eneza Education, Special Attention Project, World Reader, Achievers Ghana, EPP Bookstore, IBM Ghana.

September 8 was proclaimed World Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965 to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. This year, the theme ‘Development of Literacy and Skills’ looks at equipping individuals with abilities to make them productive in their societies.

Back to school fair 2018

Back to school fair

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